The Ritual location

Knowing the location of the final ritual is vital to your cause – all the Power in the world cannot help you if you’re in the wrong place.

The location of the final ritual is determined by an intricate series of geomantic calculations based on the local geography, the participants in the ritual, the local ley lines and numerous other factors. The location is not set until after the dark of the moon as constant changes in the factors mean that the location remains fluid until then.

In order to calculate the location of the final ritual, you must present the GMs with a FULL list of the player characters in the game (note that some characters will be NPCs, so choose with care) and a FULL list of the local sites of power that are possible locations for the ritual. If your lists are wrong, you will receive a location from the GMs, but it may not be correct…

Other means of getting the location might include spying on someone who already knows it, being told by an ally, following someone to the site on the night of the ritual, bribe someone for the information, etc.

The Ritual location

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