How to write your turn

During your turn, you may take one action and your Familiar may take one action. That is all you get, so be creative! A good, descriptive turn will get a good descriptive response. An example turn is below.

You need to spend Power to take actions. You state how much Power you are putting into your action. This indicates how much effort you are putting in to succeed and therefore putting more Power in to an Action increases your chance of success. Remember that this Power is spent! You don’t want to run out later in the game.

In the case of a direct conflict with another player, a success on their part will multiply the amount of Power you spend, so bear this in mind.

You also need to specify your defensive pool of Power for the turn. This is the Power that you are setting aside to counter any attacks on you, your Familiar and your doings. You should also specify whether you will use this Power to protect any innocent bystanders, property, non-lethal damage, etc. You are automatically assumed to spend all Power that you require to keep yourself alive. Your defensive pool should be split between Familiar (the Power you grant your Familiar to use in their actions and to defend themselves), Occult (the Power you use to defend against occult threats), Physical (the Power you use to defend against physical threats) and Mental (the Power you use to defend against mental threats).

Example turn

Defensive pool for the Turn

  • Familiar – 20 Power.
  • Occult – 10 Power
  • Mental – 2 Power
  • Physical – 2 Power
    I don’t care about bystanders – they should know better than to be in the way, but collateral damage to my home/gear etc I will defend against. Other people’s property I will defend only if they can prove it was my fault. I laugh in the face of non-lethal damage and will ignore it.

Character turn

Familiar turn

In response, you will receive a description of how it went, what you found out and what happened – as well as an update on your current Power.

Some broad categories of action you might like to consider are:
Spy on another PC
Investigate sites of power that might be ritual locations
Attack another PC (physically or psychically)
Attack an NPC
Steal an item or artefact from another PC or NPC
Complete the next step in your ridiculously circuitous plan

How to write your turn

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