Character creation

Your character has 3 main stats, Spirit, Mind and Body

This is used for all occult actions, whether they be offensive or defensive. This could be anything from scrying the location of the enemy, to casting a spell to prevent spies from infiltrating yourhome to a direct spiritual attack on an opponent’s Power.

This is used for all mental actions. Examples might include putting clues together to logically deduce the location of the Ritual, working out where your opponents might be for the best ambush location or working out which side another player character is on.

This is used for all physical actions, such as direct combat, athletic endeavours, feats of strength and so forth.

You can choose to have your stats in distribution of 2/2/2, 1/2/3 or 1/1/4.

In addition to this, your character has a Power stat, which starts at 100 unless you choose to increase this (see below under Traits).

You also have Traits. You have a pool of 5 points at character generation to spend on these. One point buys you one Trait. There are 2 other uses for these points. One point can be spent for 5 additional points of starting Power. You can also spend these points to bid for Artefacts – the highest bidders get the Artefacts! Should your bid for an Artefact be unsuccessful, the points that you bid will be spent on extra Power as above instead.

From your Power, you should assign a defensive pool to guard against attacks.

You also have a Familiar who will be your right-hand entity, assisting you in your endeavours. You should determine their stats as well.

One of you (you or your Familiar) is the Calculator of your ensemble. The Calculator is the entity who works out the geomantic locus where the Way may be opened on All Hallow’s Eve. You need to specify whether this is you or your Familiar.

The final (and most important) part of your character is to determine whether your aim is to Open the Way or to Close the Way. Please state whether you are an Opener or a Closer.

Character creation

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